The PAPESSE – Winners Gallery

The “Papesse” – Winners gallery of the editions

The “Papesse” of every year of the Caput Mundi Award. Winners gallery and more. It will also be possible to see video testimonials of the performers during the days they spend in the eternal city for the Caput Mundi Rome Burlesque Festival, have the biography and the agenda of the events of the best artists in circulation at your complete disposal.

But why do we call them like this?

The only festival that hosts artists from the entire world in THE holy city; how else will we call its winners if not PAPESSE? The provocative choice of the title leaves no space to the imagination and betrays the burlesque will of sinning, of playing with the papal figure, masculine by excellence, replacing it with women of a certain glamour, certain self-assurance….and with a certain attitude. Veils that fall down, dresses that fly, breasts in the open with pasties that swirl. Only a few steps further there is the San Pietro with its Colonnade. While the Pope is asleep, the future “papessa” begins its race towards the shining tiara of the Caput Mundi International Burlesque Award. 72 hours of pure burlesque to the use and consumption of an audience admiring and loyal to the creed of teasing. Three days of pure delight for the eyes and mind. At San Pietro the hands rise in prayer, at Caput Mundi they rise in applause. Everything in the same city but in two parallel worlds.


And this is how the magic of the game, the theatricality of the joke come to life in a vortex of double senses, elegant ambiguity and effective parody.

 The PAPESSE are:

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