ACTS by Albadoro




ACTS by Albadoro

 “l Re Mida del Burlesque”

“The 24 carat girls of burlesque”
Jack Woodhead



” Albadoro Gala is a fierce and sensuous force of nature… Being around her, and witnessing her perform invigorates me with inspiration to be the woman I have always dreamt of being. She is a Goddess in the flesh, NOT to be missed!”
Amber Ray

Sexy Bomba

“I love watching Albadoro Gala perform. She combines sexiness, class, humor and grace into all of her acts!”
Angie Pontani


ACTS by Albadoro

“So sexy!”
Russell Bruner


“Albadoro Gala is a breathtaking, beautiful performer who lights up the stage. She was a dream to work with, and we hope she’ll come visit us again in San Francisco”
Jim Sweeney


Si Albadoro devait avoir un autre nom, je dirais sans hesitation “provocation”
Virgil De Nice

La dolce Vita

“Albadoro Gala, is for me the impersonation of La Dolce Vita, and the vintage romantic of Roma. Italy is world known for exquisite fashion, fancy food and wild romance. And this is what i see in Albadoros Style. Her heart is so endlessly romantic, her body is just overwhelming and totally seductive and her smart costumeconcepts blow my mind. I simply love this extraordinary Showgirl, with feministic power and a golden brain”

Mama Ulita

All of me

“Albadoro Gala is the most sensuous performer I have ever seen. She moves like liquid metal, each subtle eye & finger movement is a complete seduction. Not only is she one of the sexiest women on stage, she is a powerhouse behind the scenes as a female producer. She’s a queen, and her kingdom is burlesque”

Clea Cuttroath