October 2019, 18-19-20



⇒ It is reminded to all the artists who want to apply⇐


  • DEADLINE 08/09/2019

  • Send the application form to: and rename your schedule with your stage name.

  • APPLICATION FEE: please Paypal 20€ to 

    ( with the receipt of payment attached)

  • The winter edition of the festival is only reserved to PROFESSIONALS ARTISTS.

  • The application form will be considered starting from the presentation of at least two acts. This clause makes it possible to have an alternative in case of participation in the festival.

  • The selected performers will not be able to perform in Rome during the entire month of October 2019.

  • The artists will allow the use of their names and images to promote the Festival. The artists will also contribute to promoting the Festival on their websites, Facebook profiles, social media and newsletter for at least three weeks before the festival.

  • FOTO: 300 dpi (high resolution), one square portrait photo (as Instagram), one landscape photo and one portrait photo. It is preferable but not essential sending photos on a uniform background.



♣Download the application and good luck♣



                    Application form 7th CMIBA











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